The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia  (Chicago Review Press) is a compendium dedicated to and about the landmark television anthology that acclaimed sci-fi auteur J.J. Abrams calls "the greatest series ever to grace the airwaves." Travel through its ample 448 pages and you'll glean the gist of all 156 episodes (and pilot) of the show, plus a detailed listing for each and every writer, producer, director, actor and any other major player involved in the production of any particular installment.

You'll also garner a treasure trove of trivia, anecdotes and rare photos for individual showsand the series at large, many of which you may find as astounding as the out-of-this-world premises and portrayals of your favorite Twilight Zones  themselves.

I researched, compiled and wrote the encyclopedia because I felt strongly that every member of the cast and crew behind The Twilight Zone  should be duly remembered for the indelible contribution each made to such a remarkable, seminal and timeless show. I hope I have fulfilled my end of preserving their memories
by putting together The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia, and that longtime and future Zone buffs everywhere will pitch in by reading it.

Wishing you many journeys into wondrous lands,

Steven Jay Rubin
March 2018