Twilight Zone Guest Stars Who Won Oscars for Acting
Jack Albertson
The Shelter; I Dream of Genie
Best supporting actor
The Subject Was Roses
Martin Balsam
The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine; The New Exhibit
Best supporting actor
A Thousand Clowns
Art Carney
The Night of the Meek
Best actor
Harry and Tonto
James Coburn
The Old Man in the Cave
Best supporting actor
Robert Duvall
Best actor
Tender Mercies
Dean Jagger
Best supporting actor
Twelve O'Clock High
Martin Landau
Mr. Denton on Doomsday; The Jeopardy Room
Best supporting actor
Ed Wood
Cloris Leachman
It's a Good Life
Best supporting actress
The Last Picture Show
Lee Marvin
The Grave; Steel
Best actor
Cat Ballou
Cliff Robertson
A Hundred Yards Over the Rim; The Dummy
Best actor
Gig Young
Walking Distance
Best supporting actor
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Over the course of the 156 episodes that make up
The Twilight Zone canon, 1,006
 actors and actresses (not including host Rod Serling) plied their craft in one of the most memorable series in the history of television. Many, from Dana Andrews to Vera Miles to Robert Redford, are top Hollywood names, and even more have garnered Emmy, Golden Globe, Tony and other prestigious awards or nominations. But of the 1,000+ it took to bring the show's oeuvre to life, only 11, or a scintilla more than 1 percent, won Oscars for acting. You might be expecting now to see them listed, but rather than do that let's have a little fun here and see how many you can come up with on your own. Zone zealots might very well get 10 or all 11, but for everyday devotees six or seven would be pretty darn good. The answers, including the episodes and movies the winners were in, are revealed below. Also thrown in for good measure are three series actors who received honorary Oscars, as well as three who took home best director statuettes. See if you can name
all of them, too, for a grand total of 16! (What's that, you say, 11 + 3 + 3 make 17? Yes, well, one actor received both a best director and honorary Oscar, so the final tally is 16 after all.)

Game on!


Actors who received an Academy Honorary Award were: Buster Keaton, who starred in Once Upon a Time; Robert Redford, who starred in Nothing in the Dark; and Mickey Rooney, who starred in The Last Night of a Jockey. Rooney also was recognized with a Juvenile Academy Award.

Actors who took home a best director Oscar were: Ron Howard, who appeared in Walking Distance and won for A Beautiful Mind; Sydney Pollack, who appeared in The Trouble With Templeton and won for Out of Africa; and Robert Redford, who starred in Nothing in the Dark
and won for Ordinary People.