For your consideration—selected praise for
The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia

"Required reading for all devotees of The Twilight Zone"
—Carol Serling, widow of Rod Serling

"This book is a true gift to all fans of what is, arguably,
the greatest series ever to grace the airwaves."

—J.J. Abrams, film/TV director and producer

"Rubin provides fascinating behind-the-scenes tidbits
and spoiler-free setups for all 156 episodes."
—George Noory, Coast to Coast AM radio talk show

"Meticulously researched and endlessly entertaining" —Susan King, entertainment writer

"Absolutely impossible to put down"
—Leonard Maltin, film/TV critic and historian

"Fans of the original series will lose a few hours flipping through this thorough, lovingly created book."—Susan Maguire, Booklist

"Packed with history, trivia and facts about every
episode and every person involved in every show"
—Linda Reddington, USA Today Network